Riverford is a small Andoran agricultural community situated just over 200 miles upriver from the capital of Almas. It grew up around a river-crossing of the Andoshen, and has existed in one form or another for 3,000 years. Known for its bountiful harvests and exceptional beef cattle, Riverford has also been the site of at least 10 major battles over the centuries. Farmers still uncover artifacts from these wars, generally selling them off as quickly as possible for fear that their land will be confiscated and turn into an archaeological site.

Until recently, Riverford was known as one of the last holdouts for the church of Aroden, The Lost God. Pilgrims travelled from far away to pay their respects at what is known as one of the oldest surviving places of faith to the dead god. That is until very recently, when the last two surviving laymen were brutally beaten to death next to the altar and the church was burnt to the ground around them.

The town consists of a single cobbled street set back from the river, along with several dirt roads that connect to private homes, a number of inns, and old warehouses. The Old Bridge Tower, a low fortification, overlooks Riverford from a nearby hill and houses the armory for the town’s militia. The Eagle Knights keep an officer and a small contingent of soldiers here to train the militia. The surrounding countryside is dotted with graves, cairns, and barrows that bear witness to the town’s violent past.

Notable People
Mayor Huroska Skarn (Female Half-Orc)


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