Andoran (pronounced ann-DOHR-ann) is a nation of the people, governed by the principals of Common Rule which grants every man a voice. Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. It is the birthplace of freedom.

What is now the nation of Andoran was founded approximately in 1707 AR following the successful campaign of General Khastalus of Corentyn. At the time part of the empire of Taldor, the region was established in order to provide the imperial navy with ships; lumber harvested from the Arthfell Forest was transported to the shipyards at Augustana, and it was from here that that vessels destined to build colonies in Arcadia and the remnants of Azlant were launched.

In the year 4081 AR, Andoran cut its ties with the Taldan empire. The move was prompted by Aspex the Even-Tongued, who sought to add the region to his fledgling empire in what would become known as the Even-Tongued Conquest. Facing challenges of corruption and decadence from within, as well as an invasion by Qadira across the empire’s southern border, Taldor was forced to cede Andoran to Cheliax.

People’s Revolt
Andoran prospered as a part of the empire of Cheliax until 4606 AR. The death of the empire’s patron god, Aroden, resulted in a power struggle among the nation’s various noble houses. This civil war ended with House Thrune claiming control of Cheliax.

House Thrune, a noble line dedicated to the service of infernal powers, demanded strict obedience and servitude from the citizens of the empire. Initially the ruling body of Andoran followed the mandates of Cheliax new queen, but the people of the region quickly became outraged; in 4669 AR Andoran claimed its independence from the empire, casting aside its own noble class and establishing Common Rule. The newly-established nation abolished the practices of slavery and servitude, and embraced the belief that all are equal. Andoran continues to embody these ideals to this day, concepts they attempt to force upon other nations with what many feel to be idealistic and imperialistic fanaticism.

One of the heroes of the People’s Revolt was Aylsande Benedict, later nicknamed Lady Liberty.

Andoran is located on the northern coast of the Inner Sea. The nation is separated from its western neighbor, the empire of Cheliax, by the Aspodell Mountains. The Five Kings Mountains perform a similar function in the north, serving as a barrier between Andoran and the nations of Druma, Isger, and Kyonin. To the east lie the nations of Galt and Taldor; much of Andoran’s eastern border lies within the Verduran Forest, and follows the flow of the Sellen River.

Andoran’s interior is dominated by plains and hills, and the remnants of Arthfell Forest. The nation’s northwest region is known as Darkmoon Vale; the Vale’s northernmost border is dominated by Droskar’s Crag, a massive volcano that serves as the southernmost point of the Five Kings Mountains.

The capital of Andoran is the city of Almas.


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